Slip On Revival

I don’t think our feet have been happy to hear that flat shoes are in! No more crippling realisations that some of us simply just can’t walk in heels, no matter how great a pair make our legs look. Living in London is a heck of a lot of walking. Stairs, cobbles, you name it, there’s only so much we can take and the arrival of the skater shoe trend could not have come at a better time.

When I was a teenager I pretty much lived in my check slip on VANS. Denim skirts, baggy jeans, these were always worn in union with my comfy go-to trainers. My mum described them as “Chef shoes”, but the grunge skater me would hear none of it. Look at me now mum, look at how fashionable your daughter was (I really wasn't).
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VANS was founded by two brothers, Paul Van Doren and James Van Doren, as well as Gordon Lee and Serge D'Elia in 1966. First only developing shoes, the company grew to have a massive involvement in the skating community as well as being the main sponsor of the music festival Warped Tour. Today these trainers have become a key fashion piece

I hail VANS as my go to trainer. Even today my black laced authentic are my trainer choice when paired with my skinny jeans. With so many different patterns and colours you could have a rainbow of a collection to match whatever outfit you’re wearing. Currently everyone’s seeing spots for the leopard print style, as they’re sold out in most places. Swap designer for the high street and pay only £47. Although to be honest I don’t remember paying this much, but it just shows that VANS is in the loop.