Living with another human being.

So you've been nice to someone long enough that they actually want to live in the same room as you. Congratulations, you can no longer think about yourself 24/7.

I moved in with my longtime boyfriend two months ago and as Taylor Swift sang "So it's gonna be forever. Or it's gonna go down in flames". The point in me writing this is to offer some kind of advice to those in the same situation for the first or fifth time and for those thinking about living in sin.

Live together. Be Alone.

Just because you live together, it doesn't mean you have to be together constantly. You can ask to take a timeout and hopefully your significant other won't take it personally like some sort of prick. This is especially true if you find yourself living in a studio that might sometimes feel like a panic room. Take a time out. Get a bev with your mate. Be one of those coffee shop arseholes that steals loads of wifi.

Basically it's normal to get a bit fed up of each other and not turn it into an argument. It is normal to want a bit of alone time. It is normal to want to sit in your underwear, eat a whole bag of crisps and not want to talk to the person you love for a bit.

Glass case of emotion.

One of the hardest things about living together is having all your emotions visible pretty much all the time. When you've had a shitty day at work or discovered that skirt that was once rather baggy now is too tight, you just want to cry on your own and not have it be a thing.

I hate people seeing me upset. I get embarrassed about being human and when aunt flow is about to arrive I pretty much tear up over everything, and honestly all I want is to be ignored. JP has said many times "you just want to be bummed out without needing a conversation about it", and that's how you deal with it. Trust that if it's anything major they'll tell you, but for now asking if their okay is enough without needing loads of concern. So live in the moment. Ball your eyes out for a minute and then forget it ever happened.

Close the drawers.

After 20-something years of living apart, chances are you're going to have some habits that won't translate well with the other person. They could take over half your room with their shoe collection. You might have some weird thing against closing drawers after yourself. Whatever the case, remember that you haven't just signed a lease to live in Hoxton for half the price of everyone else, you've signed a lease to make a relationship work.

Morning Person vs Night Owl.

Opposites attract as they say, and sometimes this is true in the case of when you and your other are most awake. I hate the mornings. I'd rather not shower nor eat just so I can have extra time in bed looking at shit on the internet. JP is an up and at them type of guy, and that's why he makes the breakfast. I'm incredibly guilty of being that person who has the urge to sort out my clothes at midnight which clashes with the morning time person.

If you're lucky enough to have a living room, use it. This is a way to deal with that other person's body clock without waking them up because lets face it, it all revolves around not having them be mad at you for being wide awake at times when the other person wishes they were in a coma. No living room? I have no idea what to suggest other than making sure you're with someone who understands your different sleeping pattern. Or you know, if you want to get around their sleeping thing have them wear a sleep mask and you can wear some headphones whilst you want your TV shows at god only knows what hour.

Getting on it.

Chances are one of you is more of a party animal than the other. There's a chance that your after work one drink turned into a 6am rager and it's 100% okay. Don't ever be the type of person to not stay out because your fella/missus is going to be mad at your for it. Of course if you vom all over the floor they can be mad, but I assume you can handle your booze.

Coming back in; take your shoes off, use the torch feature on your phone, be quiet and remember no one is as pissed as you at the moment and chances are you're the only person awake.

Everyone's office is different.

It can be a huge downer that you work the 9-5 life whilst they work in a job that requires weekend and evenings. "Hey what you doing? fancy a drink?" is a text I got many times whilst being on a long string of 5-closes and it became very tiring to say no. And it becomes frustrating when you get your two days off to choose between seeing any of your friends who happen to be free on a Wednesday or spending some quality time with your bae.

Fingers crossed you have an approachable manager that has noticed you're becoming closing queen/king so when you say something they'll do something. Make a lunch date with your mates or love and meet them at their job. Even if it's an hour it really shows you enjoy seeing their face even for just an hour. Apart from having all your pals join in on your romance, I can only suggest dealing with your different working hours and enjoying all that time alone.

(Don't) apply some pressure.

What's that? Living together means you'll have sex every single day? No this is not always true and don't put that pressure on your relationship. Jobs, stress and a completely different schedule can affect your sex life. "Easy access" isn't that simple.

Short and sweet; You don't have a 24/7 swimsuit area and neither do they.