Columbia Flower Market

Living in Hoxton has its advantages. Seconds away from a good coffee shop, walking home from a night out, and of course the infamous Columbia Flower Market. You can tell it's Sunday around Shoreditch from the dozens of people carrying brown paper and blue plastic bags bursting with a forest, and today I was one of them.

Jumping on the cacti bandwagon, this is the best place to go without paying through the roof for a tiny plant mate. Looking at 3 for a £10 for the bigger versions and 3 for £5 for the tiny ones. The crowds are horendous with plant sellers shouting "THEY'RE FUCKING MASSIVE" and "I'M NOT AGGRESSIVE I'M JUST LOUD". Truly the art of selling.

Basically I spent £35 for all of the above and my trendy flat is becoming a lot less barren.


  1. Nice flowers.