Review: Aesop Violet Leaf Hair Balm ****

I have the frizziest hair known to man and no matter how much I spend on those fancy conditioners those pesky baby hairs just won't go down. I used to dye my hair a lot, I'm talking Directions red head for two years that required a monthly bleach and weekly dye top up, but I didn't even have one flyaway. Now, apart from my balayage that's been my chosen wig, my hair is all natural and I don't even use the hottest setting on the hairdryer never mind straighteners.

Last weekend on one my leisurely walks around Shoreditch, I decided to pop into one of the many Aesop stores and treat myself to something small. After explaining to the extremely well spoken and helpful staff, he suggested that it might not be what i'm washing my hair with but what i'm using in the end stages. Behold the hair balm, a tiny pot of joy if you will. The teeniest amount works more magic than any product before, not forgetting the heavenly smell from all the naturalness in there. I usually apply this after i've brushed my wet hair free of knots and then once it's dry to tame back the wildness. My only criticism is that i'm afraid that this will run out in a minute, so you have no choice but to be stingey.